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Giusy Ferreri (born Giuseppa Gaetana Ferreri on 17 April 1979 in Palermo, Italy) is an Italian singer-songwriter. In 2008 Giusy took part at the first Italian edition of the talent show X Factor, in which she came second. Her vocal qualities have been compared to Nina Simone, Bessie Smith and Amy Winehouse.
Between 2008 and 2009, Ferreri sold 900,000 copies of her first EP and debut album.
In June 2008 Sony BMG Italy released the debut EP by Ferreri, which includes her first single Non Ti Scordar Mai Di Me written by Italian pop singer Tiziano Ferro, and five covers of classic songs from the 60s-70s. The single held the number one position of the Italian singles chart for an impressive fifteen consecutive weeks, becoming one of the most successful tracks ever on that chart. The album debuted at the top spot of the Italian album chart and stayed there for eleven consecutive weeks. It went on to be certified 4x platinum denoting over 300,000 copies shipped

Debut album: Gaetana

In October 2008 the song Novembre, the first single from Ferreri's official debut album Gaetana, was released. The tune debuted at number one in Italy and held the top for eight weeks so far. The album was released on 14 November 2008. It debuted at number one on the iTunes Italy chart and subsequently peaked at #2 on the Italian FIMI albums chart, selling over 80,000 copies in its first week of release[2]. The album sold so far over 400,000 copies in Italy. The second single from the album, "Stai Fermo Lì", was announced on 8 January 2009 and was released in Italy on 16 January 2009. The third single off the album was "La Scala (The Ladder)", originally written by Linda Perry and translated in Italian by singer Tiziano Ferro. The song peaking at #27 on the FIMI singles chart and at #49 on the Greece Singles Chart.

On 20 November 2009 her second studio album was released across Europe, while debuting at #10 on the Italian FIMI albums chart. The first single is a cover of Ma il Cielo è Sempre Più Blu by Rino Gaetano.

In her second studio album, Ferreri records cover versions of some of her favourite (Italian and international) artitsts: La Magia è la mia Amante (I Was Made To Love Magic) by Nick Drake, Con una rosa by Vinicio Capossela and Paolo Benvegnù, Il Mare Verticale (Portrait the Sea) by Jerome Kern, Yesterdays (song played in the past by Billie Holiday), Ciao amore ciao by Luigi Tenco and Estate by Bruno Martino.


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